TxGold - Redemption Instructions

The current redemption ratio is 100%.

Note - these instructions are for existing TxGold holders who wish to redeem for physical gold. If you are interested in getting started with TxGold, please visit here.

Redemption for physical gold is done in 1 oz increments. Per the user agreement, the Texas Bullion Depository charges us a withdrawal and postage fee. To cover this fee*, please include an additional 3.75 tokens in your transaction (if initiating a transfer to your own personal TXBD account, only include an additional 1.875 tokens).

Example - To redeem 3 oz of physical gold, you need to send (3*100) + 3.75 = 303.75 TxGold tokens.

To initiate a redemption, send tokens to the following address: GAY4I5RI7PGMF6KA4IFRCXR6GCAJS7PMN5VSX3G5EWOPUOGIR4T7AZG3 By default, we will send the gold to the physical mailing address listed in the identification document used during the registration process. To specify a different mailing address, please contact support@restoremoney.org prior to initiating a redemption.

*For redemption over 100 ounces, add an additional 0.01 TxGold token per ounce.

*For users outside of the United States - please first contact us at Support@restoremoney.org before initiating a redemption. Include the mailing address where you wish to receive physical gold; we will reply back with your specific mailing fees.