Shufti Pro Selected for Identify Verification


Restore Money Foundation uses Shufti Pro to Accelerate Customer On-boarding Process

Launching a gold-backed currency means complying with a host of anti-money laundering and customer identification requirements. Restore Money Foundation (RMF) is pleased to announce that it has selected Shufti Pro to help with its customer on-boarding process.

TxGold, RMF’s gold backed currency, is based in Texas and available to users worldwide. To comply with U.S. federal regulations, RMF needs to collect and confirm custom identification data. “We struggled quite a bit to find someone that could work with our organization (a startup) and provide a flexible identity verification API.”, says Tyler Chessman, founder of RMF.

With both “on-site” and “off-site” verification, documentation from an end-user can be collected either directly by Shufti Pro - or by the customer. RMF uses off-site verification, allowing it to collect and pre-process some of the identification data. “After we’ve collected an end-user’s name, date of birth, and a picture of their ID or passport, we are able to send this over to Shufti Pro to verify the authenticity of the user’s ID. The API is flexible, giving us the option to add additional verification steps as needed.”.

Document verification isn’t an easy as it sounds, especially when users are allowed to upload their own photo; camera quality, lighting/glare, and photo angles present challenges to exclusively automated approaches. “We were actually turned away by a few companies - companies who specialize in document verification - after they learned about our on-boarding process.”, says Tyler.

“Using a combination of both Artificial and Human Intelligence, Shufti Pro is uniquely able to meets RMF’s on-boarding and identification requirements”, says Victor Fredung - CEO of Shufti Pro. “We are delighted RMF has selected us to help meet with their customer identification requirements.”.

Tyler Chessman