Jan 5, 2019 - Independent Review of Physical Gold Holdings


The Potter & Golden, P.C. Accounting Firm

The Restore Money Foundation has selected the accounting firm Potter & Golden, P.C. to conduct independent reviews of the physical gold that is backing the TxGold currency.

Note that all physical gold is stored at the Texas Bullion Depository (TXBD). With read-only access to our TXBD account, Potter and Golden, P.C. will provide periodic reviews of gold holdings; we will post these reviews to our web-site for public inspection.

These independent reviews, along with our contractual bailment* agreement, will provide token holders additional confidence in the stability and value of TxGold.

*Bailment is a legal relationship where physical possession of personal property is transferred from one person (the ‘bailor’) to another person (the ‘bailee’) for safekeeping. RMF is acting as a bailee to store the physical gold of a token holder (the bailor). RMF agrees to store physical gold and (when requested) redeem physical gold for TxGold tokens according to the redemption ratio and redemption policy. Please see our User Agreement for additional details.

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