The Restore Money Foundation is committed to raising awareness of, and offering solutions to, the problems associated with government issued currency; these problems include eroding value, runaway government debt, the booms and busts associated with business cycles, and a general loss of freedom.  In addition to education, we have created a gold-backed currency as a stable, viable alternative to fiat money.


Tyler Chessman (Founder)

Tyler has worked as a consultant, developer, and pre-sales professional for the last 23 years - helping customers evaluate and adopt data, analytic, and AI technologies. Back in 2011, he put these skills to use to analyze federal spending policies- resulting in the book Understanding the United States Debt.

He is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin (Finance and Honors Business) - and currently lives near Houston with his wife and 5 children.


Garrett Edmondson (Technical Advisor)

Garrett is a software architect - specializing in Data Science (Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning), Big Data, and Data Warehousing. He first became familiar with Bitcoin in 2010, at an Austin area meetup, where he bought several hundred Bitcoin on a whim. Since then, Garrett has closely followed the progression of the cryptocurrency market - diversifying his holdings along the way.


Chris M Brock (Website & Graphic Design)

Chris is a website & graphic designer who has been helping customers illustrate their ideas into easy-to-understand visuals since 2005. He specializes in helping businesses and organizations get established online with the right tools to sell their services to customers.

Chris lives in Anguilla with his wife and is a graduate of Purdue University. You can learn more on his website: www.chrismbrock.com


Adam Wolfe (Legal Advisor)

Adam is a Managing Partner at ICO Law Group, a division of Wolfe Miglio PLLC, a premier boutique law firm which focuses entirely on the developing cryptocurrency space and economy. Adam assists new and developing companies in the legal, business, and economic development of their projects to ensure compliance and beneficial workings in the growing and changing cryptographic space.


Wade Chessman (Business and Strategic Planning)

Wade is this President of Chessman Wealth Strategies – and has been assisting people with protecting, preserving, accumulating, and transferring wealth for the past fifteen years. As a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional, Wade has an extensive knowledge of financial planning issues, taxes, estate planning, investments, and risk management.